Presently between 12” original Acumeter machine and with the addition of 20” Nordson machine and with 20” Water based acrylic emulsion machine we are able to produce a wide variety of label stock products with different Face papers and different Release liners in different widths as per the customers needs. A typical example of the wide variety of the label stocks we are producing now are :-

  1. Chromo Art
  2. Mirrorkote
  3. Hi-Brite (Print Plus / Maplitho)
  4. Polyester – Opeque and Transparent
  5. Gold Foil
  6. Synthetic paper
  7. BOPP for over lamination
  8. PVC
  9. Coloured Chromo
  10. Metalized Silver Polyester
  11. Metalized Gold Polyester
  12. Holographic Polyester film and any other filmic products which are heat sensitive. 
  13. Barcode label stock
  14. Direct Thermal 

The company markets the above products depending on the customers’ requirements in widths ranging from 75mm – 500mm with different kinds of Release papers from Glassine, Clay Coated Kraft (CCK), Light Coated Kraft (LCK) and Super Calendared Kraft (SCK) all over India and also some exports to Middle East and Far East. Therefore, the customer has a wide choice to choose for different applications in different combinations of label stock including different adhesive properties like permanent, semi-permanent, removable, freezer grade and re-activatable adhesives.

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