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The company has been incorporated in the year 1980, with the collaboration of Acumeter Labs., Marlboro, Mass, U.S.A. who are machinery manufacturers for label stock making machinery.The company went into production with a small width (8”/200mm) production machine fully automated and with a very high speed of 150 mtrs. per minute using Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive technology for the first time in India.

Hot melt pressure sensitive  which is used as an adhesive was not available in India at that time.The company was importing from U.S.A, and Europe to meet the requirements of production.Subsequent to that between1983-85 the machine was expanded to handle up to 12”/300mm with the technical expertise of the Technical Director and collaborative efforts with the parent company.The company was the first to serve the Indian market with special grades of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives and cut to order width products .

Around 1986-87 the company felt that it has been purchasing Release paper of nonstandard nature mainly from Mumbai at an exorbitant price where the base of release paper itself is not of good quality.Therefore, the company decided to float a sister company called A.P. Coated Papers Pvt. Ltd, exclusively to produce Release paper for the parent company, M/s. Prasad Acumeter Pvt. Ltd.

The company bought for some time release base paper from Indian sources for siliconizing but subsequently being dissatisfied with the quality of the base the company started importing Super Calendared Glassine paper, Clay Coated Kraft (CCK) and Light Coated Craft (LCK) with different GSM from different sources in U.S.A., Finland, England and Italy for varieties of applications.

During 1986-94, the sister company was only coating tin based solvented silicone coating.Subsequent to which the company has developed the technology during 1995 to coat solventless silicone without using solvents and is very successful in doing so between1995 to present.

In the year 2000 the sister company however developed new technology to add control release additive  to the solventless platinum coating system so as to obtain different release levels for different applications.

During the same period because of the demand from the market for a wider product the company established another sister company called Sasidhar Industries to produce 20” wide label stock with indigenous water based acrylic emulsion and has successfully entered into the market both in roll form and sheet form.

During the year 2002 the company felt the need for expanding in the hotmelt sector itself and therefore installed a Nordson 20” Hot Melt Coater Laminator with a production capacity of 1,50,000 sq.mtrs per month single shift.

All in all from the modest start of Rs.30.00 laks turnover per year in 1982 the group of companies presently are doing approximately Rs.15.00 Crores turnover per annum producing 6.0 lakhs sq.mtrs per month and 50 tons of release paper per month.This has been achieved with the trained personnel and the total strength of the entire employees including office in all the three companies being not more than 50.

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