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During the long existence of the company we developed new products to be introduced for the first time into the Indian market; many of the above mentioned products along with Transfer Tapes “without any carrier web” so that the film of adhesive can be transferred to any surface like posters, envelopes and for any other applications by using the technology of double sided release coating with differential release levels so that the customers can use the tape at the point of application and by removing the release paper is able to transfer the adhesive to the surface he desires.

This particular product is available from ½” to 12” wide for different kinds of applications.

In addition to the above, the company also produces double sided tapes using the same above principle but “with carrier web” of either tissue paper, BOPP film, cloth for printing industry to mount the plates of a cylindrical surface with good anchorage properties.

We have also developed as mentioned earlier Controlled Release for the Release Paper so that depending on the customers’ needs and applications the company can provide the exact release levels starting from 10 grams to 100 grams per lineal inch depending on the customers requirements.We are also able to produce plain Map litho paper tapes by coating on one side with solventless silicone and the other with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive for carton sealing and other decorative sealing applicationsThe company has invested in tension control systems, edge guide control systems and accurate adhesive application mechanism so as to make sure that proper quality of material is delivered to the customers as per their needs. However, it is essential the customer also is knowledgeable towards his needs thereby giving us instructions as to the quality and the type of material he needs.

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